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Developing novel precursor fibre (PF) materials from blends of modified lignin and biopolymers which can be converted to carbon fibre (CF) using industry standard heating processes so that current manufacturing plant can continue to be used.

Energy efficient / cost reduction

Reducing energy consumption, including CO2 emissions, associated with the traditional manufacture of CF through the development of new low energy, cost effective biobased PF to CF conversion technologies.

Carbon Fibre

Establishing a new value chain for lignin by utilising low commercial value material to produce CF which will in turn be processed into carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP).


Enabling EU based companies to build a technological lead and competitive advantage through the establishment of an indigenous capability to manufacture carbon fibre from sustainable precursors using energy efficient and cost-effective technology; this is of paramount importance for European competitiveness in the composites market.

WP2 Meeting in Denkendorf, Germany

Automated Tape Laying

Autoclave for Composite Processing

The LIBRE project consists of a consortium of industry and academic research organisations. It aims to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of lignin based carbon fibre materials for application in energy and automotive sectors.